FounderFamilyCristin’s love of home decor, shopping and parties began at a young age. Growing up she was always creating something with her mom. From sewing projects to baking, decorating and entertaining, her passion for taking care of others was evident in everything she did. She dreamed of one day hosting her own craft or design show, just like her mentors, Martha Stewart and Candice Olson.

Today, she gets to live out her dream of being the mom to two girls as well as her mission to inspire and empower others to be who they were created to be. This is one of the main reasons she started the Crissy G. Company.

Cristin’s honest, kind and confident ways make her a servant leader. Taking care of others and finding ways to make their lives more efficient, stress-free and fulfilling is her greatest passion. She believes that life should be filled with fun experiences, and she’s more than happy to help create them.

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